Kickz Youth Board Gets Boost from Urban Synergy

Kickz Youth Board TrainingOn Saturday 8th May, four members of Urban Synergy spent the day training nine members of Kickz Youth Board, a panel of young people brought together under Kickz (the joint initiative spearheaded by the Premier League, Football Foundation and the Met Police for youngsters that aims to help them realise their potential).

The Kickz scheme aims to create routes into education, training and employment, encourages individuals to participate in community based projects and helps to create new understanding between the police and young people in an effort to cut crime and anti social behaviour. The Youth Board is currently responsible for over 30,000 young people across the country.

The Urban Synergy team helped participants learn about the mission, vision and values of the youth board, understand the rights of young people, the roles and responsibilities of the youth board, how they can work effectively as a team, and how to run their meetings. The day was filled with challenging exercises to help them understand the value of team work. The group was able to focus on how as a group they can move the goals and ambitions of the Kickz project forward in a constructive and timely manner.

Kickz Youth Board Training with Urban SynergyWe were all impressed by the levels of commitment and concentration shown by the Kickz youth board and look forward to receiving feedback on their progress. Urban Synergy would like to thank Sandy Ward and Lynette Obika from Kickz for their collaboration on this project. Huge thanks also to the Urban Synergy team: Virgil Griffith who not only manages the relationship with Kickz, but also ran the training day with Sonia Palmer, Tony Crawford and Sue Watson.