About Us

Created in 2007, Urban Synergy is an award winning early intervention mentoring charity that helps over 1,000 young people between 11-18 years of age reach their full potential through outcome focussed mentoring programmes and inspirational seminars.

These programmes utilise individuals from a variety of professions who voluntarily offer young people (mentees) support, guidance and encouragement to achieve their best. The charity believes that high profile role models from all walks of life can make a positive difference to a young person’s life and in a relatively short amount of time, Urban Synergy has become a dynamic force for positive change.


Leila Thomas, our founder, has been honoured for her work, winning a Business in the Community Race Equality Leadership Award and Thomson Reuters 2011 Community Champion 1st prize. She was also featured in News of the World ‘women of the Year’,100 Influential Black People 2010 Power List, in 2012 Black Youth Achievement award winner for the best ‘Personal Development Organization of the Year.’ Leila was also a Precious award finalist, a Common Purpose Graduate and is a Royal Society of Art Fellow.

Services on offer include:

  • One-to one mentoring (Mentoring and befriending APS accredited)
  • Work shadowing / work experience
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Structured fun, safe and supervised experience days

Urban Synergy has also been mentioned in MP Heidi Alexander's House of Commons Maiden Speech saying that “Ensuring that the next generation want the jobs of the future, and believe they can get them, is equally important.... mentoring schemes, such as those run by Urban Synergy in my constituency, may also have some of the answers. By providing accessible role models and giving an insight into different careers, they fire the imagination of the next generation.”

Our Mission

To equip young people with valuable life skills and experiences so they are empowered to become confident, independent and ultimately successful, positive contributors to their community and wider society.

We are committed to helping to motivate young people to reach their full potential by offering support, advice and encouragement so they achieve to be the best that they can be.

We aim to create a long lasting support network within the young referred person’s local community and inspire and motivate all those who are involved in our initiatives giving them the opportunity to focus on personal and social development.

Our Vision

Our immediate vision is to recruit a full-time resource so we can grow and expand our pool of mentors to reach more than 1000 young people who have been referred to our service. Our 5-year vision is that we will have expanded our coverage neighbouring South East London boroughs.

By 2020, Urban Synergy will be running across London and have a track record of stable growth. The charity will have built its reputation on outcome focused mentoring that results in the development of high achieving mentees.

Our long term aim is to have a strong presence in London and have a franchiseable model to launch regional Urban Synergy networks in other cities across the UK and internationally to meet the needs of young people and be a recognised authority on Mentoring policy (a Think Tank).

Our objectives

  • To combat negative stereotypes by creating a mentor resource pool made up of successful people within the community;
  • Assist children that need additional support and attention to inspire them to move forward;
  • Extend pupil knowledge and understanding of possible career pathways
  • Keep young people in education or employment until GCSE and sustained employment;
  • Improve Social Mobility through either employment or academic experience;
  • Generate positive media stories to counteract perception (at a minimum 3 positive stories / annum)
  • Give young people experiences that provide them with the security to make positive decisions in terms of education or employment.

Key Messages

  • Urban Synergy – The Mentoring Resource Pool – is a London-based charitable organisation that delivers services through volunteers who provide advice, encouragement, support, motivation and inspiration to teens and young adults.
  • Urban Synergy - The Mentoring Resource Pool – is committed to helping young people reach their full potential by providing them with varied services that include one-to-one mentoring and support, work experience, workshops and experience days.
  • Urban Synergy mentors are a group of committed professionals who bring a wealth of diverse professional and personal experiences to enhance their individual mentor roles.
  • Mentors representing a wide variety of professions and industries volunteer their personal time to mentor and support young people, some of whom are particularly vulnerable.
  • Our ethos is to empower young people to take positive steps that help them find direction in their lives so that they can become mature, confident, independent, life-equipped and ultimately successful individuals.
  • In everything we do we encourage and support young people to take control of their destiny and move forwards towards personal success in a positive way.
  • Urban Synergy promotes equality and diversity through our services, regardless of a person's ethnicity, religion, beliefs, sex, sexuality and age, physical or mental disability. We positively value diversity and equality of opportunity within the organisation and expect Urban Synergy mentors to uphold our equality values.

Our values

We want to be:


  • of young people and their guardians to help them in decisions and actions
  • of other organisations when we can work together


  • to people’s needs and views
  • to each other in our work.


  • in empowering young people to make positive changes in their lives leading them to success as individuals
  • through the quality and reach of our work.


  • of discrimination and poor services
  • of ourselves in order to improve.


  • of people who seek our help
  • of each other in our work.

We believe

We at Urban Synergy believe that young people of all circumstances can succeed and achieve their potential with the help and support of role models.

We believe that high profile role models from all walks of life can make a positive difference to a young person’s life and in a relatively short amount of time.

We at Urban Synergy believe that we can shape young people’s aspirations and help them realise their potential through mentoring.

We at Urban Synergy believe in a structured and trusting relationship that brings young people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing their competence and character.

Urban Synergy believes that by providing outcome focussed early intervention mentoring programmes for young people with the greatest need, we can assist them in receiving support and guidance from a mentor; improve their academic performance; improve interpersonal relationships between young people and their peers, teachers, other adults, family members, and future employers; reduce the dropout rate of young people; and reduce juvenile delinquency and involvement in gangs.