Work Experience Case Studies

Thomson Reuters Law Internship

During Summer 2011, a number of Urban Synergy mentees undertook a week long internship at Thomson Reuters. Here they recount their valuable experience, meeting working lawyers, learning more about corporate law, visiting law firm Mayer Brown and visiting the Old Bailey.

Paris Thomas

Paris Thomson Reuters Work ExperienceWork experience at Thomson Reuters was brilliant! It gave me and the others an opportunity to speak to people working in the legal department.

I learnt a lot about the different types of law that you can go into as a career. It was also interesting to understand the difference between working in a law firm and being a lawyer in a company.

I enjoyed meeting lawyers, as well as events managers and sales people working at Thomson Reuters. I was inspired by a presentation from Joy who gave a very moving talk about the importance of life skills.

From the talks that we attended, I now know more about what it is like to do these jobs on a daily basis. I also liked the open work space and the way everybody seems equal at Thomson Reuters.

This work experience has given me a much clearer insight into the career that I want to pursue. I also gained knowledge about working as a lawyer in other countries, which is something I have considered. This experience has also helped me to understand conversion courses, the work and the hours involved in being a lawyer.

Without Urban Synergy, I don’t think I would have had this experience. It has taught me to grab every opportunity that comes my way.


Aaron Mangroo

Aaron Thomson Reuters Work ExperienceWork experience at Thomson Reuters was a good opportunity to learn about working as lawyer and helped me to think about what career I will choose in later life.

It also gave me a really good insight into what it would be like to work in a big corporate firm like Thomson Reuters. I was surprised as I thought everybody would be really formal all the time. I was really inspired meeting the company’s General Counsel for EMEA, Daragh Fagan and another employee who spoke to us about how she got her position from starting at the bottom to changing her career path and being where she is today in a successful career.

We were given some interesting tasks to do: I had to write a CV for myself. I also had to prepare a short presentation on injunctions and as a group we attended presentations from different people in the legal department on data protection, working as a lawyer and working as a sales manager.

We were also lucky to visit a law firm, Mayer Brown and the Old Bailey which showed me what a court room is like and the type of cases that are heard.

I would like to thank everybody at Thomson Reuters for this opportunity; the work experience programme was interesting and inspirational for us all.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Urban Synergy and it has helped me to have a better idea of what I want to do and shown me the different career paths I could choose. I feel more confident about what life has to offer in terms of careers and a doing a job that is worthwhile.

Following my work experience, I am going to find out more about Thomson Reuters and I feel inspired to do better at school, achieve better grades and see if there is an opportunity for me to do more work experience at Thomson Reuters.


Ibrahim Alase

Ibrahim Thomson Reuters Work ExperienceWork experience at Thomson Reuters taught me the different kinds of jobs lawyers do and the different types of law that can be studied.

We visited a law firm as well as a barrister’s chambers to see how barristers are organised and how they work. We also learnt about the steps they take from university towards a career as a barrister and how it’s different from being a solicitor.

We also had an interesting team activity to do where we had to negotiate with another team over a business proposal like they do in big company negotiations.

I was really inspired by meeting Daragh Fagan’s wife who is head of the chambers where she works. I also enjoyed visiting the law firm, Mayer Brown which helped me work out what I want to do. Visiting the Old Bailey was also good and I’d like to do more of these visits.

I would never have had this opportunity without the help of Urban Synergy. It has boosted my confidence in knowing what I want to do and given me more knowledge of being a lawyer.


Flavio Uzo-Morgan

Flavio Thomson Reuters Work ExperienceI learnt a lot from work experience at Thomson Reuters, meeting lots of different people who talked about the different areas of law, and visiting the Old Bailey and a barristers’ chambers.

I particularly enjoyed learning about M&A as it gave me knowledge of the area of law that I might want to study.

I’d like to thank the people at Thomson Reuters who organised this programme for us. It has inspired me to become a M&A lawyer and given me a lot of information about working as a lawyer.

I was surprised at the cost of going to university, but now I know there are loans and scholarships that can help.


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