G Up

Why G UP Drama?

Trevor Cole Info, Mentee Experiences

G UP Drama is about capturing life and all the expressions it has to offer. You will gain skills that not only compliment your creativity but will help and inspire you to deal with real life issues.

The workshop is not about having acting skills, but more about developing social skills, overcoming obstacles and having fun.


Our youth of today are surrounded by so much violence: in the media, in the video games they play, and in the movies and TV they watch. It is hard for them to ignore. We at G UP drama think it is important to introduce them to as much diversity as possible so they can grow to be passionate about positive things.

Young people need to express themselves in a safe environment, where they can experiment without fear of failure, and create projects which are ultimately performed, giving them a sense of fulfilment, self-confidence and direction which may serve them throughout their lives.


Women’s issues are vast and when we get together to share stories and ideas it can be very dynamic and enlightening. When we were younger we played house, only to grow up to get the starring role! Performance is not a difficult concept to us. We’re on stage every moment of our lives.

At G UP drama, our soul objective is to encourage, guide and help to nurture the true potential which already exists within you. Adults are often amazed at their level of enjoyment in the classes and have expressed their need to play more.
We also provide women with the invaluable knowledge that their imaginations will have a positive and profound effect on their community.


G UP founder Lorna Gayle is a graduate of Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. She continues her career as an actress while guiding The G UP workshops, along with an enthusiastic team of facilitators. Lorna has 10 years experience in teaching drama, including working in schools, prisons, and community centres.

One of her many students includes X Factor finalist, Marvin Humes out of boy band JLS.

Lorna is passionate about drama and believes that self expression, when channelled in a positive way, can significantly change lives.