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Mentee profile: Elliott

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In response to people wanting to hear directly from young people (Urban Synergy mentees), we’ll be posting first-person accounts by mentees. Want to hear a young person’s perspective on topical issues affecting them and what mentoring means to them? This is it – in their words, not ours.

My name is Elliott. I’m 11 years old and in Year 7 at one of the Harris Academy schools.

My favourite things to do are riding my bike, playing football, rugby and cricket and I also love athletics. I guess you can see I’m very sporty. I like school but I’ve had a few problems there. But things are now a lot better.

I wanted a mentor because it meant I could have a male figure in my life; someone that I could talk to and do guy stuff with. I thought mentoring would give me an understanding of how to reach my full potential and make me wary of why it is so important to be focused and to concentrate on my goals.

My mentor Victor is very dependable and responsible, he takes me out and also has chats with me to see how I am progressing every week. I get a lot from being mentored by him. I like the fact that I have someone who can listen to my queries and can support me when I need help.

When I had difficulties at school, Victor helped me to stick up for myself and to get my voice over. He has encouraged and helped me to become more independent. Since becoming an Urban Synergy mentee, I’ve learned to be confident in myself and to concentrate on my schoolwork.

I think about my future. I would like to be a successful engineer and to develop my own engineering company and be a sports coach. I think I can do it because of the encouragement I am now getting because of Victor. I would just like to tell him the following:

Victor – thank you for your moral support.

2 years later

Elliott aged 14yrs took his maths GCSE early and achieved a B grade. He is now taking ownership of his career to be an Engineer.

At the age of 16yrs Elliot passed 10 GCSEs A-C grades


Elliot now 16yrs old studying A level and Engineering and Maths at Richmond College and continues to aspire to be an Engineer.