Eliot Bank Role Model Seminar

Nigel Role Model Seminars

On Tuesday 28th February 2017, Urban Synergy delivered another Role Model seminar to over 60 year 6 pupils at Eliot Bank Primary in Sydenham. Our panel was made up of pharmaceutical entrepreneur Ebeneezer Ademisoye, sound engineer (and Urban Synergy Young Ambassador) Chad Orororo, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Jacky Wright and Chantal Coady, Founder and Creative Director of Rococo Chocolates.

Our panel talked about their life journeys, passing on valuable tips for success and how to handle setbacks, and were expertly interviewed by Anthony Graham to give these Top Tips:

Ebeneezer Ademisoye
“Have a passion for learning”
“Enjoy the process, enjoy the different countries, enjoy the diffferent people that you meet, enjoy learning, enjoy being young…”
“Dream super big, don’t ever believe in limitations, if you can imagine it, you can do it”

Chad Orororo
“Have fun”
“Surround yourself with people you want to be with as you get older”

Jacky Wright
“We can be anything no matter who we are and what we do and what we look like.”
“My job is not just to run technology, my job is to make sure that people understand, I am a woman, a woman of colour, and I can do the job as well as anyone else.”
“Focus on your swim-lane and not anyone else’s.”

Chantal Coady
“You must be resilient don’t give up”
“Learn from your mistakes”

Student feedback

“Even if you start off small you can make a big difference.” Jasmi, 11 years

“I was inspired by Jacky because I enjoy computers and finding new things that I have never learnt before” Tianna 10 years

“Jonathan inspired me because he told me just to work hard and try my best no matter what. I will focus, have fun, be passionate, dream big, join debating clubs and keep my mind open.” Temi 10 years

“I enjoyed speaking to people and asking them questions about what they do and how they overcame their obstacles in life. It was helpful interesting and inspiring.” Tai 11 years

“Chad inspired me worked his way up to his dream job and he focused on what he wanted and became it.” Jude 10 years

“Chantel went to Elliott Bank school and loved chocolate! She has opened four chocolate stores around London!” Olivia 10 years

“Jacky said you can be any race or gender to inspire and get to a high position. She made me feel I could do anything if I tried my hardest.” Kien 11 years