Black History Month 2021

Black History Month is about reflecting and appreciating the sacrifices the pioneers made to pave the way for our generation. It is about hearing their stories and understanding the difference we feel now from the experiences they shared. It is not just those role model heroes from the past, but it is recognising those around us now.

We hear from so many of our Role Model Heroes about the hurdles they are still having to overcome, especially to open the door to their careers. We hope that by sharing these examples, we can help young people to understand how to progress and navigate their futures and their career pathways, so they are all enabled to write their own future.

Over the last year we have met some amazing young people through our e-Mentoring programme, to honour their achievements we are kicking off our Black History Month Celebration with our Young Role Model Heroes. Hear their perspectives and their top tips to success. 

We are living in an extraordinary era and making history as we do. The global pandemic, black lives matter movement and the climate situation is making us all take stock of what we can do as individuals to play our own part in changing the world for the better.

During Black History Month we will look back, discuss what is happening now, and look forward with hope. Please join us, have conversations with your family, friends and colleagues. Listen and learn about each other. We have created discussion aids and resource packs here. Our BHM 2020 campaign can be found here. 

Let’s build an equitable future!