Mentee Sengova shares his revision tips

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Revising for any exam can be a very daunting task, especially trying to recall information you would have learnt months ago. However, it is quite simple to revise efficiently

Volunteer in New York – Summer 2009

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Each summer Winant Clayton Volunteers sends a group of Brits (called Claytons) of all ages and backgrounds to New York City to work in community-based projects (homelessness, mental health, children, inter-cultural relations).  At the same time a group of Americans (called Winants) come to East London to do the same.  If accepted, the Claytons must pay a modest programme fee …

G Up

Why G UP Drama?

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G UP Drama is about capturing life and all the expressions it has to offer. You will gain skills that not only compliment your creativity but will help and inspire you to deal with real life issues.

Reach Inspirational Series

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Here is the complete series 1. 5 tips to achieve success click here 2. 10 tips to achieve awesome confidence click here 3. 5 steps of responsibility click here Thanks again to Steve Beckles-Ebusua L.C.H. Dip Cert W.Y.P(Open) Serious Intentions