Our Impact

Every year we deliver mentoring programmes and inspirational "Top Tips" career seminars to young people in Lewisham Borough.

Our volunteer Role Models come from a wide range of industries and professions including: Legal, Marketing, Aviation, Editorial & Media, Engineering, Information Technology, Entrepreneurs, Education, Emergency services, Financial, Government, Consulting, Energy, Military, Sport, Arts and Entertainment

Lifetime impact

Students attended seminars

It was really good and inspiring. I learned a lot and it has been a wake up call. I have a better understanding of how important my education is for the rest of my life.

Chloe, Year 9 Student

I learned the importance of extracurricular activities to make you stand out in CVs and why you must apply yourself so hard in all fields of life and how maths, english and science are core to all topics of study.

Lawrence, Year 11 Student

I learned that it doesn’t matter about your background, you can make it to college and university if you try.

Jordan, Year 9 student


Young people mentored and supported

Thank you so very much. Harry was very proud of himself, as we all are. The programme has really given him the confidence and vision to follow the path of his dreams, without the team and support from Simon this wouldn’t have been possible. So from myself, James and Harry we are extremely grateful and thankful.

Michelle (Mentee’s parent)

Urban synergy has helped me and my son, first and foremost Francis’ attitude to life changed and improved in his school work and conduct as an individual. I used to have numerous meetings at Francis’ school but this became really minimal, and what it meant for me as a parent is I didn’t have to miss work. Francis has become more confident and was lucky to have his work experience at his mentor’s place of work. Urban Synergy has created opportunities and I am so grateful. I feel so lucky and privileged for me and my son to be a part of Urban Synergy.

Lydia (Mentee’s parent)

The corporate mentoring programme helped me with considering degree apprenticeships as a future choice.

Hilary, Sixth Form student

I learned that there are many opportunities and pathways that I can take to achieve my end goal and I should explore as many options as I can.

Tommy, Sixth Form student

I didn’t know about the degree apprenticeship route. Talking to people working at Capgemini gave me a better idea of what type of jobs there are.

Jordan, Sixth Form student

Mentors trained

Mentee (Clare’s mentee) ‘has grown in confidence and speaks about her future with more positivity.’


I love what this organisation is doing and I love being a part of it. A big thank you for all of the hard work that the Urban Synergy team put into this charity as it’s not easy – but keep up the good work. It’s a great initiative.

Peggy St. Clair - Urban Synergy Mentor

Feedback from teachers

Very inspiring event for both adults and students. Highly informative and relevant information that will enable students to realise their potential and take active steps towards their career goals

Myron Yearwood
Lilian Baylis School

The mentors have truly inspired our children, helping them to believe that through hard work, a clear vision and perseverance, they can achieve anything.

Patricia Bhela
Eliot Bank

I was delighted to see Urban Synergy back in school this week. The role models were hugely inspirational to our children and I know that when faced with a challenge, they will look back and remember the key messages – work hard, never give up and believe in yourself! Thanks to the Urban Synergy team – we look forward to welcoming you back next year.

Maria Gilmore
Gordonbrock Primary

We were very impressed with the wide range and calibre of speakers that came to the school to engage with our students. On both occasions we had large numbers of students choosing to attend and reporting that they found them to be extremely valuable evenings. The Role Model seminar is a key milestone in our work with Year 11, inspiring many of our students to work hard and aim to achieve high GCSE grades.

Clare Cassidy
Headteacher, Sedgehill School

As the Assistant Head Teacher and Phase Leader for Years 5 and 6 at Eliot Bank Primary, I was blown away by the impact of the Urban Synergy sessions with the children across both year 6 classes. The way the speakers captured their attention and spoke with the children was fantastic and weeks after the event, the children recall the morning with fond memories.

Hassan Chowdhury
Assistant Head Teacher, Eliot Bank Primary School

Urban Synergy – just simply one of the best things we’ve done EVER!!! Thank you so much for helping us raise the aspirations of our lovely children – they deserve it.

Kender Primary School

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