Inspirational Seminars

Our seminars follow a simple formula, a panel of professionals talk about their journey to success and any obstacles they have overcome. Following this, young people are given a chance to meet a larger number of role models in small groups in speed mentoring sessions. Here students are able to ask questions to the one or more role models available and get more tips and ideas on how to progress into that career path. These speed mentoring sessions last approximately 10 minutes, Role Models move onto another table and talk to another group of students.

Seminar Objectives

  • Inspire young people by providing and presenting them with visible, tangible professional role models from similar ethnic backgrounds to themselves
  • Provide some insight into the qualities required to succeed by hearing the professionals tell their stories and pass on their top tips
  • Broaden the young people’s horizons of possible career paths by providing role models from a wide variety of professions
  • Build confidence in the young people by giving them the opportunity to talk to and question the professionals
  • Raise awareness of parents to highlight the networks of support available for their child’s career aspirations

Role Model Seminar 2

Entertainment Role Model

Role Model Seminars

Since the first Role Model Seminar in 2008, the ‘Top Tips to the Top’ seminars continue to be extremely well received. We have also expanded to programme to a younger audience of Year 6 students in 2 local schools.

It is our provision of high profile role models from all walks of life that make Urban Synergy the dynamic force for positive change that it is. The seminars have the distinction of being delivered by a panel of highly distinguished movers and shakers drawn from a cross section of industries, who in their own right are role models.

The aim of the seminar is to provide young people with an opportunity to hear the personal success stories and tips for success, to gain an insight into the role models’ professions and to inspire them to reach for success. Our seminar panels have included a former winner of the BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’, high profile barristers, the chief economist of one of Britain’s biggest high street banks, the owner of one of Harley Street’s most prestigious addresses, commercial airline pilots and several professionals of the music, media and entertainment industries.

Academic Seminars

The Urban Synergy Academic Seminar aims to inspire young people to raise their academic aspirations by dispelling the myth that young people from lower socio-economic groups can’t attain a quality university education. The seminar is delivered by a rotating group of undergraduates (coming from standard inner city state schools), most of who currently study at top UK universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, University of London (Imperial) and so on.

The Academic Seminars provide an inspirational session in which pupils are effectively advised and actively encouraged to review their personal learning plans. The aim is that they stick to an academic achievement and personal development plan so that they can apply to Russell Group universities as well as Oxbridge.

STEM Corporate hosted seminars

Starting in late 2015, Urban Synergy in partnership with Thomson Reuters began a programme of STEM focused seminars. These seminars are hosted at the Thomson Reuters building in Canary Wharf and gives local school children the opportunity to visit a corporate environment and meet a wide range of STEM professionals.